Behind every great story is the journey of how it all began. Bagkery.co was founded in late 2021 by Coey. The inspiration came about from combining her two passions at hand:

– Finding a bag offers both functionality and korean aesthetics style.
– Bring awareness of quality over quantity and maintain sustainability.

It all started with her frustration trying to find a bag that matched her outfit in the fitting room.

“Why are most bags out there pretty but can’t fit all of my things?”
“Why do I always have to buy a bigger size bag to fit my things, but yet it is less stylish?”

She was certain there would be many women out there that struggled to find a beautiful, small-sized bag that was able to fit all their essential things. This is the reason Bagkery.co was founded, make your daily outfit more stylish!

Bagkery.co loves supporting local businesses.

Bagkery.co is a proud Malaysian brand, founded and made locally. MORE IMPORTANTLY, we select local manufacturers that hire a majority of Malaysians. After years of searching, we are happy to have found and work with local manufacturers that employ 70% Malaysians!

Our commitment.

Bagkery.co sees user experience as a big part of the company culture. We ensures every bag you receive meets the topmost quality control standard of Bagkery.co Craftsmanship. All our bags are semi-handmade to ensure attention to detail and quality of the end products. To maintain sustainability, our bags are developed with high-quality synthetic leather with similar durability and aesthetic qualities of genuine leather. A thorough manual inspection of our final products for any flaws or imperfections before we ship them to you.

Make Bagkery.co your all-time favourite brand.

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